Flying on a swing, touching my toes to the clouds, I discovered “the highest form of play is the search for Truth, Beauty and Love”– and that is exactly what I want to pursue. I’m determined to live a life of open passion and wide-eyed wonder, full of possibilities and everyday amazement. The world is full of all of that, and I want you to see it too!

A few years ago I started a blog, discovered in play, to explore the ways we adults play, create and find happiness. This is a continuation of that adventure, which has meandered and evolved along the way, as all good adventures do. Along with musings about play and self-discovery, you’ll also find my other essays, stories and other writing here.

Words are where I send my imagination to play. But what’s a game without friends to share it? Come on in, sit down and read a while.

Maybe you want to play too?